Volume 21.
Kaitlyn Coffee

Our series of BAINA Bathe explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Seeking the moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door.

Residing in Dallas, Texas, with her two sons, Kaitlyn Coffee is a seasoned multidisciplinary creative who, after more than a decade in the arts and creative field, founded her own business in 2020. Kaitlyn Coffee Creative serves as a platform for her eclectic aesthetic, drawing likeminded clients seeking creative solutions.

In this edition of BAINA Bathe, Kaitlyn intimately shares her personal journey of incorporating bathing into her daily routine, her affinity for unique beauty tools, and the profound joy she finds in the simple act of immersing herself in water. Captured by her friend a photographer, Kelly Christine Sutton.

“Bathing to me is essential. It is probably my most cherished time of the day."

“My daily bathing routine starts in the morning with a quick body shower right when I wake up, followed by a long shower early in the afternoon.”

Above: Kaitlyn bathes with the Roman Pool Towel in Tabac & Noir

“My favourite beauty tools to bathe with are, an African net bath sponge for its exfoliating properties, it also creates a rich soapy lather for a thorough cleanse. I also use the Tweezerman Facial Razor to remove dead skin cells and promote a smoother complexion.”

“When I bathe, I play songs that I don’t usually listen to or know every word to so I can be in that moment. I also like to have a huge Stanley cup of iced water on the bath’s edge.”

“I incorporated a daily bathing routine into my lifestyle around 2 or 3 years ago. I began to prioritise it, mainly because I observed a significant improvement with minimal effort. Experiencing the softness and cleanliness of my body and face brings me immense joy.”

“I feel most renewed after a long, hot shower.”

- Kaitlyn Coffee

BATHROOM: Interior Design by Garza Interiors

“I feel so refreshed after a dip in the ocean. I go to Rhode Island every summer and swimming down into the cold ocean is the best, the only medicine one could ever need.”

My bathing ritual feels like; water Smells like; water Taste’s like; water Sounds like; water Looks like; water. (I really love water)


01. What Are They Doing In Heaven Today? - THE DESLONDES
02. There's a Rugged Road - JUDEE SILL
03. Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space - SPIRITUALIZED
04. Lord Knows Best - DIRTY BEACHES
05. Desiree - LAURA NYRO
06. Her Smell Theme - VINCENT GALLO
08. Glory Box - PORTISHEAD
09. The Hum - MARGO GURYAN
10. Cannibal Holocaust - RIZ ORTOLANI

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