Volume 19.
Patrick Kelly

Our series of BAINA BATHE explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Seeking the moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door.

Patrick Kelly, a skincare enthusiast based in Los Angeles, is the alchemist behind Sigil, a brand known for its natural, gender-fluid fine fragrance, beauty, and lifestyle products.

In this volume of BAINA Bathe, Patrick shares his intimate bathing rituals, embracing a natural and intuitive approach. For him, bathing is a cherished opportunity for self-reflection and rejuvenation.

"I choose a lake over the ocean, tucked away in a mountain, surrounded by trees, no distractions, just tranquil quiet and a lofty, hardback novel."

"When I bathe, I take a gua sha tool, a face mask, and a Ghia spritz."

My bathing ritual feels; silky smooth. Smells; bright, ebullient, uplifting. Tastes; effervescent, effortless. Sounds; like meditative hums. Looks; like a tranquil, safe repose.
"There’s no replacement for the tactility of fingertips. You can intuitively grasp what the skin needs through touch. A gentle massage to boost bloodflow. An exploration of the surface of the face to discover areas of congestion and debris. Think of your hands as the original beauty tool. They cost nothing to use and connect you back to yourself."

- Patrick Kelly

Above: Patrick bathes with the Abel Bath Sheet in Lake

"When faced with a challenge I remind myself that it is a gift. It brings growth, broadened perspective, and helps build grit."

"I take inspiration from; David Lynch. Austin Osman Spare. Keith Haring. Kylie Minogue. We go for range here."

"I am currently manifesting; love, calm, rest, and creative exploration."

- Patrick Kelly

Above: Patrick Bathes with the Abel Bath Sheet in Lake.

"Balance begins with frequent, gentle inventory. Check in regularly with what’s resonating (and not) in your life so you can trim out what’s not working, focusing instead on areas for expansion toward our purpose."

Tender tunes to facilitate a check in with yourself. Find space to take inventory of what’s lighting you up in life. Make room to expand toward your purpose.


01. Leikara Ljoo - SUSANNE SUNDFOR
02. So You Are Tired - SUFJAN STEVENS
03. Crushing - EARTHEASTER
04. Can’t Have It All - MIYA FOLICK & SKINNY ATLAS
05. 5D - LYKKI LI
07. Ethel Cain - A HOUSE IN NEBRASKA
08. Slow Like Honey - FIONA APPLE
09. Only Skin - JOANNA NEWSOM

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