Volume 20.
Neridah Twist

Our series of BAINA Bathe explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Seeking the moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door.

Rooted in a beach-centric upbringing in Australia, stylist and creative consultant, Neridah Twist, currently calls New York home and co-founded the clothing brand Doze. A label born from a shared journey navigating cancer with her best friend.

In this volume of BAINA Bathe, Neridah shares how she find solace in slowing down, mindful breathing, connecting with family, and how she escapes the city life to seek grounded moments by the ocean.

Above: Neridah bathes with the Madison Bath Sheet in Caper & Chalk.

"I’m a two shower a day type of person and always have been. I don’t take the longest showers but I do love to be really clean all of the time. I love the ritual of getting out of the shower and wrapping my hair up in a microfibre towel and then using my BAINA bath sheet followed by my robe, and sitting on my bed for a good 20 or 30 minutes before getting dressed."

"I usually read in the bath, but if I’m not reading you will hear Van Morrison playing. Something about his voice really relaxes me."

"When I bathe, I usually use a Eucalyptus soap and take a big glass of cold water and a book as well. Sometimes a little dark chocolate."

"I really love the smell of Eucalyptus. It’s so nostalgic to me. I think when you move so far away from your home it’s important to create rituals that remind you of where you came from."

- Neridah Twist

"I am drawn to the ocean over a lake. I’m so grateful that going to the beach was a huge part of how I grew up in Australia, and I've made an effort to continue that ritual even here in New York."

"I was diagnosed with cancer a few years back and I am, thankfully, now completely healthy. That time in my life really taught me the power of my mind and how to meditate through pain. Sometimes, I forget what I went through. When life throws me a curve ball I try to reflect on the strength I had during that time.

Whenever I get overwhelmed, I think of what I’ve overcome and centre myself right in that second. Taking it one second at a time is what helped me then and always helps me now."

"I feel most renewed when I go back to Australia for a month or so every December. That month is spent swimming in the ocean multiple times a day. I feel rejuvenated when my skin is a little sun kissed and I’ve just had a post beach shower. I’ll never take that feeling for granted! Especially while I live in New York."

"Balance begins with slowing down, breathing, and FaceTiming my family."

A playlist to remind me of home and warm, balmy summer days. These songs are the perfect way to transport you to those sunny drives with your windows down on your way to the beach. 


01 Sweet Thing - VAN MORRISON
03 Summer - THE CARTERS
04 Rhiannon - FLEETWOOD MAC
05 Nika- VICIOUS
06 Only You - STEVE MONITE
07 Gonna Love Me - TEEN TAYLOR
08 Ooh La La - FACES
09 Jorja Interlude - DRAKE
10 Potato Salad - TYLER FT A$AP ROCKY

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