Volume 18.
Emma Jarman

Our series of BAINA BATHE explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Seeking the moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door.

Ocean enthusiast and Sydneysider, Emma Jarman, is the Communications Director of COMMAS, a brand that represents a meaningful pause, and breathes sustainability.

Nurtured by the ocean on Gadigal land, Emma incorporates sea into her daily bathing ritual. For her it represents a sense of comfort and familiarity whilst also serving as a space of creativity. In this instalment of BAINA Bathe, Emma unveils the intimate rituals that foster a stronger connection to self.

"Ocean bathing for me is a source of inspiration and energy. It is also the prefect reset when life throws a curve ball."

"I grew up by the ocean, so it always feels like home."

- Emma Jarman

"Bathing is a beautiful act of self care. In the realm of attraction, there's nothing more delicious than a freshly bathed salty or soapy lover."

"I bathe in the ocean in the morning to be refreshed and energised. An evening bath is a time to unwind. I'm doing a lot more evening baths during this pregnancy; it’s a way of disconnecting from the world outside."

"Though I don't follow specific breathing exercises, I love the way the cold ocean in winter momentarily takes your breath away."

- Emma Jarman

Above: Emma bathes with the Sulis (Bath) Robe in Ivory & Miles (Bath) Sheet in Sage & Chalk.

"I love the feeling of drinking a warm tea in a hot bath of an evening. And if I am diving in the ocean in winter, hot coffee is the reward for braving the elements."

Above: Emma bathes oceanside, Sydney.

My bathing ritual feels; like weightlessness. Smells; like minerals. Tastes; like salt. Sounds; like a symphony of peace. Looks; like every shade of blue.

"I love a playlist that brings new morning energy to bathe to. I put together a playlist of Balearic sounds that I blast in the morning after an ocean swim while making breakfast and dancing around the kitchen."


01 Sacred Space - YOUNG MARCO
02 Bob - OTTO, EDU K
03 Darling - ESBE
04 All Blues - REDEYES
05 Sketches - SEB WILDBLOOD
06 El Layali - BARRY CAN'T SWIM
07 Der Dritte - BASSTI
08 Balearic Incarnation - DØLLE JØLLE
09 Middle Of Nowhere - MACABRE PLAZA

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