Volume 16.

Sophie Lou Jacobsen

Our series of BAINA BATHE explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Seeking the moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door. Based in NYC, French-American designer, Sophie Lou Jacobsen, focuses on everyday objects, furniture, and spaces exploring the interaction between form and function.

Sophie primarily uses glass as a medium. She centres her philosophy on enhancing the user's experience through surprising and delightful alterations to simple objects and rituals.

In this volume of BAINA Bathe, Sophie shares her connection to lakes and the serenity they bring, and how bathing is a space for intimate moments of self-reflection and solitude.

"I find that the role of bathing is very specific to time and place. In my current apartment, I don’t have a proper bathtub, where I can truly immerse myself in water and relax. So the role of bathing in my home has become one of re-energizing, a moment to step out of my clothes and appearances and scrub everything clean and meet myself in my own body in order to start fresh anew.

But in other moments, whenever I have access to tub, I rejoice at the opportunity to immerse myself slowly in warm water, and spend a long time in stillness - either with, or without music. In either situation, though, I think the role of bathing is deeply personal and intimate and is one of these moments where you can truly be alone with yourself."

"The music I listen to when bathing depends on what energy I am hoping to gain from my bathing experience. These days, bathing is an energising ritual rather than calming ritual.

I shower at the start of the day, listen to uplifting, energising music, have a little dance and get ready for the day. If I’m in a bad, sad, or low mood when I enter the shower, I tend to feel so much more uplifted and ready by the end of it."

"I grew up on a lake. As soon as there was a sliver of sun, from anywhere in the city we would make our way to the lake and jump in. My childhood summer memories are filled will lying on warm sunny docks, jumping off of small boats, or simply driving along a beautiful windy road along the lake. I love the peace and calm that comes with a lake, and the fact that they are often surrounded by trees, or can be in the mountains."

"I feel most connected to self when I'm walking alone and listening to music, or to the sounds of my surroundings. I think balance begins with understanding (and accepting) our own polarities and learning how to nurture them."

"I’m a very social person. I get energy from friendships, conversation, and meeting new people. But at the moment I’m having a deep urge to get to know myself better and learn how to spend time alone in a more active way."

- Sophie Lou Jacobsen

"My favorite way to wind down is to make herbal tea, listen to calming music and read a book or magazine. That said, I often find myself simply watching one of my guilty pleasures with a small digestif at the end of the evening."

"I take inspiration from all the strong women in my life. I count myself so lucky that I have many of them."

- Sophie Lou Jacobsen

A collection of diverse and upbeat songs curated by Sophie Lou Jacobsen to energise your day and keep spirits high.

Sophie Lou Jacobsen's BAINA Bathe Playlist

01 Dreams - Fleetwood Mac
02 Under Cover Lover - Stirling March
03 Head Right - Local Artist
04 I Saw Fire - Jack J
05 Mother of Pearl - Scribble
06 Down By The River - Letta Mbulu
07 Silly Games - Janet Kay
08 Moon River - Frank Ocean

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