Volume 15.

Fran Miller

Our series of BAINA BATHE explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Seeking the moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door.

Hailing from Canada, Fran is the founder of the holistic skincare line F.Miller. The effortless beauty pioneer launched her line of natural skincare products in 2014, after being unsuccessful to find effective solutions for her own skin.

In this volume, Fran shares how bathing is a ritual that allows her to slow down and shares the natural ingredients she adds to her bathwater to create a restorative experience for the mind and body.

"Bathing is a way for me to carve out a moment of solitude. It’s an act of instant renewal and a way to slow down and heighten awareness. I will choose a playlist or enjoy a quiet moment when I bathe."

"My favourite time to bathe is around 3 pm when the sun shines through our frosted bathroom window, casting a beautiful warm, bright light. It makes for the perfect afternoon pause, a lingering moment to do absolutely nothing, that resets and renews my brain for the rest of the day."

"I love adding a mineral-rich and antioxidant-abundant seaweed or green tea infusion to bath water, and a few pumps of FM Body Oil — a restorative combination that leaves skin plump and hydrated."

"I am drawn to the ocean for its healing salt water, meditative sounds, and ultimate earth/body connection."

"I am currently manifesting more nature, more travel, more time to do absolutely nothing."

- Fran Miller

Bathing smells; like neroli, bergamot, and vetiver. Feels; warm. Sounds; like a piano. Tastes; like cold genmaicha. Looks; elemental.

"Balance begins with turning off."

A compilation of ambient and instrumental songs to clarify, soothe, and still the mind and body.

Fran Miller's BAINA Bathe Playlist

01 Forevertime Journeys - Naran Ratan
02 With Flowers - Water Feature
03 Impression in F Major - Brian Green
04 Ebb Tide - Houston & Dorsey
05 Having a Bath - H Hunt
06 Nami - Meitei
07 Yefikir Engurguro - Hailu Mergia
08 Dream Puppy - The Sweet Enoughs

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