Volume 14.
Lee Mathews

Our series BAINA Bathe explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Uncovering moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door.

Lee Mathews is a fashion brand born from the humble beginnings of a creative who started making clothes on her kitchen table. With a steadfast commitment to "make good things," the brand has quietly but confidently made its way onto the global fashion scene, selling not only in Australia but also through respected international platforms.

This edition of BAINA Bathe offers a unique perspective on the sensory experiences and memories that come with bathing. Lee reflects on the effects of music, fragrance, and the regular presence of her furry companion.

"I LOVE baths… but I don’t have one in my home in my current abode which has been a source of conjecture and a bit of frustration probably. How important is it really?

As it turns out, pretty important.

Music in a bath certainly takes you somewhere, and sometimes a podcast, but I don’t love that, although I have been read to in a bath which is a lovely experience.

Then there is the outdoor bath… an amazing thing to do in Australia. Only once experienced at Christmas time, overlooking a valley at sunset with the sound of cicadas and kookaburras as the soundtrack."

"Apart from the promise of warmth and comfort and that enveloping moment of immersion, the fragrance that a bath disperses throughout a house or space is a potent reminder, like all senses, that smell is so attached to memory.

I remember places I’ve had baths, music that was playing, and even what I ate, all in one memory."

"Many years ago, in Akaroa in New Zealand, I sat in an old porcelain claw-legged bath, in a weatherboard bathroom eating marmalade on toast and drinking black current tea. I think of it so often when I have marmalade toast even to this day."

- Lee Mathews

"My favourite bath time fragrance is sage. Dr Hauschka has a sage bath essence that has been my sensory saviour on many occasions. It seems like a winter scent but I associate it with reassurance and comfort, and sometimes just use it as a warm face compress."

"My constant companion is Ted, my cardigan corgi, who calmly waits next to every bath and shower and sometimes ends up in one himself.

I’ve found a great dog shampoo from Santa Maria Novella which he doesn’t object to too much!"

"A mixture of some of my favourite pieces of music and evocative moments in time."

- Lee Mathews

Lee Mathew's BAINA Bathe playlist

01 There Were Swallows - Jan Garbarek Group
02 The Ghost Has No Home - Cocteau Twins
03 The Plateaux Of Mirror - Harlod Budd
04 An Ending - Brian Eno
05 Lamentate: IV. Pregdano - Arvo Pärt
06 Magnificat - Arvo Pärt
07 Au Lait - Pat Metheny Group
08 Music Box - Philip Glass

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