Volume 12.

Anna Fiedler

Our series, BAINA BATHE explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Seeking the moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door. Anna is a Melbourne-based artist whose work spans across hand weaving and painting. We are drawn to Anna and her practice of weaving as a slow craft to connect to material, self and time. Anna shares with us her newly found love for bathing and her routine to completely relax.

"I have never been into baths until recently. The house I am currently living in has a beautiful bathroom and I am now appreciating this new routine."

"I always use epsom salts in the bath to ensure I'm completely relaxed. Plus a candle."

"My favourite time to bathe is at dusk. I have a view of the sky from the bath, and I can watch the light slowly fade to slow down after a long day."

- Anna Fiedler

"I always feel so relaxed after a day at the beach. Orgone energy from the ocean."

Music to bathe to – curated by Anna.

Anna Fiedler's BAINA Bathe Playlist

01 Wholly - Blue Divers
02 Behind the Hill - Sofie Birch
03 Soft Meadow - Green-House
04 twenty-nine - pillowdriver
05 Lift - Marisa Anderson
06 Grange - Richard Skelton
07 Spain - Julie Byrne
08 Twirling - Roland P.Young
09 Pine - Olan Mill
10 A Banquet - John Roberts

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