Volume 11.

Bonita Kye

Our series of BAINA BATHE explores the personal connection to one's daily bathing rituals. Seeking the moments where we allow ourselves to go a little deeper, indulge in time with self, and disconnect from the world beyond the bathroom door.

LA-based Bonita Kye is the founder of the lingerie line KYE Intimates. Bonita takes us through her seaside bathing routine as a source of clarity and a sensorial experience. She shares how she resets at the beginning and end of each day and starts anew.

"Bathing in the ocean is where I continue to find solace, clarity and community. I feel renewed by taking a simple shower or playing in the sea.

Alternate Nostril Breathing has become a favourite part of my morning ritual for energy and renewal."

Bathing smells; like sunscreen. Feels; like a sun-warmed towel awaiting your return. Sounds; like a seashell. Tastes; like brine. Looks; like the most brilliant shade of blue.

"To wind down before bed, I leave my phone in the kitchen and use an analog clock as an alarm. Upon waking, I avoid electronics for the first hour.

My favourite beauty tool is a dry brush. It always reminds me of my mother. When I was younger, it was such a special ritual getting to spend time together."

Cathartic sounds that will transport you to a body of water wherever you are; whether it's a bath, a lap pool or the sea.

Bonita Kye's BAINA Bathe Playlist

01 lakes - Gia Margaret
02 Evening Breeze - Emahoy Tsege Mariam Gebru
03 Kindness - HNNY
04 Tezeta - Mulatu Astatke
05 Whisky Story Time - Alabaster DePlume
06 Muziqa heywete - Getachew Mekurya
07 Sunday - HNNY
08 Cherry - J.J.Cale

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