Volume 01.
Solitary Ocean Bathing

As part of an ongoing visual series, SUBMERGE explores the ritual of outdoor bathing - embracing restorative bodies of water where we envelop ourselves in nature, slow down, and connect inward.

In our first instalment of SUBMERGE, we dive into the solitary ritual of ocean bathing. Documented by Rob Tennent on Gadigal land, Australia, BAINA captures the feeling of being oceanside. The meditative sounds, healing salt water and calming clarity it can bring.

Above: Franny and the Roman Beach Towel in Cedar & Sand.

Inhale – Exhale – Submerge

Pale skies, salty air, and long days are upon us. We feel the sand on our feet, we bask in the warm sun. We inhale. Meditative sounds and healing salt water give clarity. We exhale.

Solitary Ocean Bathing. An act of instant renewal.

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