Communal Bathing 01. Cold Plunging

The practice of bathing together to foster connection.

BAINA represents the reconnection to one's bathing routine. Our identity is deeply rooted in the belief that bathing, as an intentional practice, can be an everyday act of self-care. While often a solitary ritual, we understand the significance of communal bathing to foster connection and a shared sense of community.

Our intention for the series is to bring together those who share our affinity for the ancient tradition of communal bathing.

We wanted to create space for connection on a deeper level. To speak to our values of community and bathing - beyond just our product."

- Bailey Meredith, BAINA CEO & Creative Director

Inner Studio in Melbourne, a new wellness space, and location for BAINA's first Communal Bathing Series.

Intrigued to explore the benefits of cold plunging, BAINA launched its first communal bathing series in Melbourne, Naarm country, with Inner Studio - a new wellness space. To mark the launch of the series, we co-hosted a collective of guests close to the brand - creating space for connection and community.

The signature Awaken Class guided guests through 20 minutes of deep breathwork to energise the mind and body, a 3-minute cold plunge to build resilience, followed by time in the traditional sauna and hot plunge pool.

Post-plunge, guests were invited to dry off with BAINA's organic cotton towelling and relax over the conversation that flowed from communal bathing. Awakened, the group left feeling lighter and energised for the day ahead.

Inner Studio, Melbourne




03 — DRY OFF, RELAX — 15 MIN

"There aren't many places left where you can truly connect with others."

- Conversation shared whilst drying off at BAINA's communal bathing.

"There's something magical about the collective silence in the sauna."

- Conversations shared at whilst drying off at BAINA's communal bathing.

ABOVE: Guests rinsed off with Sans pH Perfect Body + Hand Wash.

"I should make more time for this."

- Conversations shared whilst drying off at BAINA's communal bathing.

"Brand events can sometimes feel the same, but this was so different."

- Conversation shared whilst drying off at BAINA's communal bathing.

The first ephemeral Communal Bathing Series ran throughout the month of February in 2024. Together, BAINA and Inner Studio co-hosted five complimentary bathing sessions all anchored around the benefits of cold water immersion, bringing together those who shared an affinity for communal bathing.

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