How Cold Plunging Can Enhance Your Well-Being

SOAK is an explorative series into the art and science of bathing. Discovering how the act of soaking in water, can contribute to overall health and wellbeing.

A cold plunge - the act of immersing yourself in cold water for an extended period of time - is well known for its numerous health and well-being benefits. Whether its diving into the ocean, submerging in an ice bath, enduring a cold shower, or utilising professional facilities the practice is all about enjoying its positive effects.

Cold temperatures draw heat away from the body, lower core and tissue temperatures, and change how our blood flows. Regularly exposing our bodies to cold water helps us get used to being uncomfortable, which can help build a resilient mindset and perform better in stressful situations.

"By exposing the mind, body and nervous system to extreme environments in a controlled setting, we begin to build resilience to general stress. This allows us to live a happier and more purposeful life."

- Will, Co-Founder of Inner Studio, a stress resilience training facility in Melbourne.

Cold plunging became popular among athletes because it helped reduce muscle soreness and fatigue after exercising. However, it has a myriad of other health benefits. It reduces inflammation, boosts mood, improves sleep, remedies aches and pains, promotes lymphatic drainage, regulates hormones and speeds up the metabolism.

If you are new to cold plunging, and are intrigued to try, it is recommended to start with guidance, initially aiming for a one-minute immersion and gradually work your way up to three minutes. Breathwork is essential for enduring the cold plunge experience. Practising long, deep belly breaths - inhaling through the nose, and exhaling slowly through the mouth, feeling your stomach contract - assists with the relaxation of your mind and body in discomfort, enabling you to prolong your stay and soak up the health advantages.

Incorporating cold plunging into your weekly routine can cultivate a resilient mindset, while also enhancing your overall health and wellbeing.


Make sure to practice cold plunging with guidance. People with certain health conditions should exercise caution before trying an ice bath.

BAINA pescribes; Immerse oneself in cold water — Plunge for up 3 minutes to build resilience — Breathe deeply


5-15°C / 41-60


3 minutes



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First Image: Pierre Boncompain, Earthly Foods, 1990


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