Volume 02.
Francis Kamara

A series in which we observe the intimate perspective of an individual's bathing experience. Explorative of solitary rituals, routines, and sensory procedures.

For our second issue of BAINA Bathe, we sit down with actor and model Francis Kamara to talk about his relationship with the ocean. Francis first came onto our radar after a recent editorial featured on 'This Is Nice', shot by photographer Peter Van Alphen.

For him, the ocean is nostalgic; a place to be present and truly authentic. Through movement and emotion, this series captures Francis' connection with the ocean.

"Swimming in the ocean is rejuvenating to my mind, body and soul. Awakening all my senses. It feels like home. Being washed up and chased by the crashing waves feels like playing a game with an old friend. A truly riveting experience."

"The Ocean attracts me with its fresh aquatic smell. Then the cold swash embraces me as it races to me and releases like a gentle goodbye."

- Francis Kamara

"The crashing waves shout out inviting me to play. A mouthful of the ocean tastes like a silly old trick."

"A sudden rush of adrenaline runs through me as I anticipate being submerged. A feeling of ecstasy."

Above: Francis bathes with the Johanna (Bath) Sheet in Ivory.

"The sun calls me with its blanket of warmth as I step out of the ocean. A light of clarity over me."

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