Volume 01.
Neyon Roberts

A series in which we observe the intimate perspective of an individual's bathing experience. Explorative of solitary rituals, routines, and sensory procedures.

In essence BAINA is about time with self and the internal reflection that occurs when time is still and we are free from requirements

For our first issue of BAINA Bathe, we got the chance to sit down with US based artist Neyon Roberts. BAINA was initially drawn to Neyon for her raw and intimate feed, expressive of her feelings or mood, in movement and sound. Exposing her vulnerabilities through the eye of her camera.

Above: Neyon at home, NYC.

"When I bathe I take a carafe of water, candles, dry brush, carrier oils, lavender or eucalyptus essential oil, a book, palo Santo."

"I am an evening person, even as a baby I was. My mother said I would stay up late into the night, and sleep late into the day. I feel most creative, & most clairvoyant and peaceful at night, so bathing comes most natural to me at that time."

Above: Neyon Bathes with the Johanna (Bath) Sheet in Ivory.

"When I bathe I love to meditate in silence or to a guided voice, however I do enjoy Tibetan singing bowls, and will listen to that during my meditation sessions or during baths, and sometimes it can be calming when I feel particularly anxious. One of my favorite playlists to listen to (curated by yours truly) is titled “Affirmation”, which I feel is soothing, gives space for reflection, and reminds me of my time in and underneath the water. I find myself breathing more evenly and deeply after pairing the experience of sound with water."

"I am naturally drawn to the ocean being a Rhode Island native, and living in The Ocean State, I have always been surrounded by large bodies of water."

- Neyon Roberts

"I find something especially memorable, soothing and healing about the sound of waves, the taste and smell of salt water, and the feeling of sand beneath my feet."

"Recently I heard someone say “I believe there is no tool that can replace the hands” and I really felt that this resonated- thus my love for taking my time twice a week or after I bathe, and giving myself a myofascial massage to release any tension in my jaw and face and body massage, and focusing especially on the feet."

"I feel most in tune with myself after a very grounding meditation, and even more when I am completely wrapped up in creating, and doing things that come naturally to me, and executing fully. When I am creating for the sake of getting out, what might be trapped inside, and there is no agenda or task at hand. When I am able to allow all parts of myself to coexist, and express themselves, without emotional mental or creative policing. When I am granted the freedom from the concept of time, and I am able to truly be present."

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