Motherhood Series
Volume 07.
Clara Privat

BAINA's Motherhood Series is an exploration of bathing rituals, capturing the essence of motherhood in the bathing space. Encompassing moments of peaceful solitude and shared joy with a child.

Born in the US and raised in Catalonia, Spain, actress and model Clara Privat possesses a strong affinity for photography, a trait inherited from her artistic family. Currently residing between Spain and Australia with her partner and two boys, Uli and Rio, Clara adeptly captures and shares her transient lifestyle through her global travels.

To celebrate the launch of BAINA’s inaugural Baby Towel collection, Clara captures tender moments with her youngest son in the bathing space, intimately sharing their bath time rituals and the cherished memories they create together.

ABOVE: Rio with the Oberon Wash Cloth.

"I find it hard to make time and space for everything when you have a baby. However, bathing is a pretty ‘mandatory' routine that we do unconsciously; the routine he knows, no matter where he is, that signal it is almost time to sleep.

These past few months we have been travelling to different places. I think kids can adapt no matter where they are. The most important thing for them is to be around those who love them the most. Even if we have been changing bathroom's, he knows it’s his time to play in the water. So for us, at the end of the day, it’s our bathing time."

"I used to have great ideas while I was having a shower. It was my moment of inspiration, 10 minutes of brainstorming; as a pisces my mind is dreaming and imagining ideas I could possibly do. Now my ideas have changed to practical thoughts like putting on soap, being careful he doesn’t slip, careful I don’t slip, sing a song or splashing water on him or him to me."

"The routine of bathing became a ritual—for him and for me. We both feel better after; clean, smelling good, warm and ready to relax. The moment of drying is joy, it’s a big smile and uncontrollable kisses."

"I think bathing with my child is one of the most tender moments of the day."

- Clara Privat

"In a literal and metaphoric way we both are naked, genuine, vulnerable and it’s an absolutely loving moment. I observe him with his little belly popping out and I melt. I appreciate all of him, and his existence. All the stress goes away and it produces a lot of connection inside the water, in the bath."

Bathing with my child feels like; a chaotic mess  smells like; herbal soaps and oils  tastes like; a foam party  sounds like; our voices singing, laughing, talking with splashing water  looks like; a funny scene of a cute movie

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