Motherhood Series
Volume 01.
Lauren Trend

BAINA's Motherhood Series is an exploration of bathing rituals, capturing the essence of motherhood in the bathing space. Encompassing moments of peaceful solitude and shared joy with a child.

As the founder of Self Practice, Lauren Trend spurs a deeper reflection into oneself through her online journal and workshops, encouraging the space and guidance to do so. A kind of emotional support perhaps we didn’t know we needed.

We had the pleasure of chatting with our friend, business owner and new mother Lauren Trend. Lauren reflects upon her journey into motherhood and how her bathing rituals have changed since her daughter Mila arrived.

"Bathing is such a sacred practice for me. It has always been that way, but perhaps especially so now that I’m a mother. I’ve always felt closest to myself while bathing. It’s a quiet space that I can return to when I’m craving a sense of renewal - and the practice and time spent bathing is even more treasured now that I find my days a lot fuller than they used to be."

Above: Lauren bathes with the St Clair (Bath) Towel in Ivory.

"I’ve always used bathing as a way to wind down at the end of the day. And that’s remained the same since having Mila."

"I find bathing before bed welcomes a sense of relaxation and helps prepare the body for rest. It’s a somatic experience that transcends a busy mind. It welcomes a sense of stillness I’m yet to find elsewhere."

- Lauren Trend

"Since Mila was born we’ve created such a special family ritual around her bedtime routine that begins with a bath each night, before a gentle massage and a feed while listening to a calming playlist before putting her down to sleep. She’s such a water baby and absolutely loves this little window we have together as a family, to wind down, reconvene after a busy day, and centre her care. I can only hope that she’ll grow up to have fond memories of this time."

My bathing ritual smells; like rain on a still Summer’s day. Feels; like a warm towel fresh out of the dryer. Sounds; like the ocean echoing inside a sea shell. Tastes; like a cold glass of water on a warm afternoon. Looks; like the sun glistening on the ocean’s surface.

"I’m learning that finding balance is a never ending dance. Somedays I feel pulled between my role as a business owner and a mother more than others, but I do my best to remind myself that these days, of Mila being so little, and needing me as much as she does, are numbered. As for my role as a partner, that’s something that Lucy makes very easy for me. She is the anchor of our family and without her, I wouldn’t be the mother nor business owner that I am."

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